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Website Cookie Usage

Through the usage of cookies, may collect identification information using criteria such as IP addresses, system information, and browser fingerprints. This helps us maintain a safe environment for each person visiting the site, while also facilitating convenience when accessing the resources placed throughout the site. uses cleverbridge AG cookies to facilitate affiliate sales and technical checkout sessions. For additional details in regards to these cookies, please check the cleverbridge AG privacy policy.

Further, also uses Histats cookies to monitor redirects and measure traffic stats. For additional information, please read the Histats privacy policy.

About Cookie Functionality

Cookies allow your Web browser to function properly on, and also helps in monitoring and keeping track of your browsing sessions (products added, links visited, forms filled, etc.). receives commissions when redirecting visitors to purchase products on third-party merchant sites, and hence, cookies also give us the ability to monitor activities within our affiliate networks.

Cookies don’t, however, share personal user data in any form, and we don’t use whatever information gathered for identification purposes. Also, we never share data, nor intend to in the future, with third-parties.

Disabling or Deleting Cookies

All major Web browsers are, by default, configured to accept cookies on whatever website you visit – certain sites, however, ask for explicit permission on whether to place cookies on your desktop or mobile device. You do, however, have complete control over the privacy settings on your Web browser – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, etc. By using the privacy settings on each browser, you can determine how cookies function while interacting with websites.

To completely disable cookies, follow the links below corresponding to your Web browser for in-depth details on cookie management. Remember, however, that turning off cookie functionality causes settings to apply not just to, but to other websites as well – unless you’ve configured the settings otherwise.

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For additional details on website cookie management, consider accessing free resource directories --,,, etc. In addition to providing in-depth advice on effectively cookie management, these website also provide information on the associated advantages and disadvantages in regards to cookies.

Potential Changes to the Privacy Policy

Through the continued use of, you consent to the terms and conditions as laid out within this privacy policy. If decides to modify the information laid out within this document, any such changes shall be reflected instantly. For any questions in regards to the terms and conditions within this privacy policy, please use the Contact Us link displayed on any page, or click here to open our contact form instead.