Parallels Desktop Pro Edition

Designed primarily for use by developers, testers, and power users

Dozens of supported operating systems -- in addition to Windows -- allows for unprecedented cross-platform software development

Advanced networking tools let you simulate connectivity issues for custom apps across operating systems

Business cloud services let you back up vital files and folders as well as collaborate with colleagues

Performance enhancing functionality allows multiple vCPUs and vRAMs to power up even the most demanding of applications

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Parallels Desktop Pro Edition elevates the entire concept of virtual machines with a plethora of features targeted solely at developers, testers, and power users. The ability to seamlessly integrated Windows functionality to the OS X, complete with dozens of optimizations designed for cross-platform app development and testing, make Parallels Desktop Pro Edition an astounding power house – also expect full compatibility with dozens of additional operating systems, and your Mac is all that you need to ensure that your apps work universally. Tons of under-the-hood performance enhancements and one-touch productivity tools ensure that you have unparalleled VM functionality.

Getting Started

Parallels Desktop Pro Edition provides constant updates to ensure that supported operating systems operate at peak efficiency at all times, so rather than paying a one-off lump sum, you have to make yearly subscriptions to continue using your virtual machines. As a software developer or power user, the amount of features that you receive with your subscription is simply astounding, and you really need that extra support from Parallels to ensure that your developmental tools are up-to-date at all times. Around-the-clock access to premium customer support also ensures that you can resolve almost any problem that you have while working with your VMs.

One-Click Installation

Parallels Desktop Pro Edition features support for multiple operating systems in addition to Windows, which is a unique advantage that you’ve got as a software developer or tester. While we are going to discuss primarily about Windows VMs, we’ll also take a brief look at some of the other supported operating systems listed within the Installation Assistant that comes parceled in with Parallels Desktop Pro Edition – the Installation Assistant streamlines installing your VMs, and also provides multiple methods to create VMs. Installing an operating system is as easy as selecting your preferred method and walking through the steps as laid out by the Installation Assistant.

For example, when setting up a Windows VM, you have up to four separate methods to choose from – getting Windows from Microsoft, installing Windows from a DVD or image file, transferring Windows from a PC, or importing Windows from Boot Camp. As you can see, you aren’t limited to any one particular method like in alternate VM applications. Opting to buying Windows from Microsoft involves making your payment directly from via the Installation Assistant itself, while using removable media to create your VM simply translates to a normal installation procedure. If you want to use Windows with settings intact, transferring a copy from a PC or through Boot Camp should be the best way to go about it.

Systems Integration

Once you create you virtual machine, getting it up and running involves no effort – simply select it from your Parallels Desktop Pro Edition console, and the virtual machine boots up in windowed-mode. Unlike Boot Camp Assistant, you don’t have to perform any system restarts to access your VMs. While in windowed-mode, move around the VM, resize it, or minimize it to your Dock just like you’d do with any other application. You can continue to work on your VM while in windowed-mode, or you can switch it easily to full-screen mode – moving between the OS X and Windows involves just a tap of a button, and if you’re on a MacBook, you can swipe on the touchpad to change operating systems.

The fun doesn’t stop at just that. Parallels Desktop Pro Edition also features cutting-edge functionality that allows you to open Windows-based apps directly from via the OS X itself – yeah, you heard that right. If you have an application on your VM that you’d rather access like a normal program, just apply your configuration and the relevant icon appears on the Dock – the Parallels logo appears alongside for easy identification. Any apps you open that way can be operated just like you’d normally do from via the VM itself. Parallels Desktop Pro Edition also takes this entire concept even further by allowing you to open OS X apps directly through your Windows VM, allowing for tremendous versatility.

Before we go into the various development tools available at your disposal, let’s take a quick look at some of the other functionalities present between the OS X and your Windows VMs. If you want to, for example, transfer files between the operating systems, you don’t have to jump through any hoops like in alternate VM applications – just drag n’ drop the files, and perform a normal copy-paste operation. On the other hand, the inclusion of a dedicated Presentation Mode makes it easier for you, as a professional, to make presentations just like you’d normally do on a dedicated Windows desktop – override OS X notifications, keep your Mac awake, deploy applications in full screen, etc.

Performance Enhancements

Parallels Desktop Pro Edition uses various optimizations to ensure that your VMs operate at peak efficiency at all times. When you deploy a Windows VM, for example, you can directly specify the primary task that you plan to perform with the VM – testing, development, etc. Once you do that, Parallels Desktop Pro Edition automatically uses the resources appropriate for that task – combined with effective resource-management technologies – so that you have enough resources to handle the workloads of both the host OS and the virtual machine. You don’t have to be locked into any one primary task either – choose to change your configurations any time you see fit.

With your Parallels Desktop Pro Edition purchase, you also gain access to a feature that’s quite unparalleled – virtualized resources in terms of both processing power and system memory. For each VM that you create, you receive up to 128 GB of vRAM and 32 vCPUs, allowing for tremendous performance even when running huge resource-intensive applications. What’s more, you don’t receive this functionality on Windows VMs, but also on other supported operating systems as well. Even better, you can also manually allocate the amount of actual physical resources available on your Mac for each VM, allowing for unprecedented versatility.

Development Tools

Parallels Desktop Pro Edition features dozens of unique development tools that make building cross-platform applications a breeze. For example, the inclusion of a dedicated Microsoft Visual Studio plug-in allows you to easily test any applications that you build in one virtual machine across any other VMs that you’ve got installed, even if they feature different operating systems – if you run into any issues, you can easily debug the code directly from via the original virtual machine in real-time. This prevents you from inadvertently wasting your time on application development due to crashes and other issues while testing things out on the same operating system or machine.

The presence of a network editing module also presents an array of options when testing your work for connectivity issues – choose to simulate unstable network environments and resolve problems right from within the module itself. Other features present include Command Line Interface tools that provide remote controlling capabilities when it comes to modifying the settings and configurations of virtual machines, a Parallels Vagrant plugin that allows for reproducible work environments, and Linked Clone support for efficient disk space usage. There are dozens of additional tools available, and you are sure to find useful features for whatever application developmental task that you may be looking to perform.

Business Cloud Services

As a professional, you need to have constant backups of critical files while also requiring the ability to collaborate with peers simultaneously, but you may wonder how that’s possible when working via virtual machines. Thanks to your Parallels Desktop Pro Edition subscription, you gain access to cutting-edge cloud service support – Box, Dropbox for Business, OneDrive, etc. – optimized for your VMs. Whatever cloud service that you prefer, expect not just to share or collaborate on files, but also to seamlessly transfer you files between each and every VM that you have running on your Mac. You aren’t limited to Windows virtual machines either; other operating systems are also supported.

Premium Customer Support

As a developer or power user, you are bound to run into various issues while using your virtual machines. Whether it’s deploying a virtual machine or testing software across operating systems, you don’t need major issues to put a dent in your productivity. As a Parallels Desktop Pro Edition subscriber, however, you gain access to top-of-the-line customer service to help you resolve any issues that you may have with installed VMs. You can access this premium customer support service around-the-clock either by phone or email, and is valid for the entire duration of your Parallels Desktop Pro Edition subscription.

Should I Buy It?

If you are a developer, tester, or power user, Parallels Desktop Pro Edition is a virtual machine that you simply cannot miss out on, both from a cost and productivity point of view. No longer do you have to spend money on hardware for multiple testing platforms, nor do you need to waste time switching between workstations, since Parallels Desktop Pro Edition is custom designed just so that you can perform all of your work right within one place. The ability to run a plethora of operating systems, combined with numerous developmental and networking tools, make Parallels Desktop Pro Edition a force to really reckon with. Additional features such as business cloud services and premier customer support make this awesome VM solution an absolute steal.