Parallels Desktop Business Edition

Unified volume license key allows for mass deployment of VMs throughout your organization

Conveniently managed deployed VMs via state-of-the-art centralized management and administration features

Employees are no longer limited to just the OS X

IT security features allow for advanced protective controls within your organization

Access to over 30 one-touch tools enhance employee performance and productivity

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While your employees may prefer their Macs due to the enhanced stability brought about by the OS X, they do lose out in terms of productivity when compared to the additional functionalities present in Windows. Rather than limiting your organization to just one operating system, consider using virtual machines to boost organizational performance. Just any VM software, however, won’t do either – most lack the proper optimizations and features required to make an impact on productivity. With Parallels Desktop Business Edition, however, you have the perfect answer. With deep integration into the OS X, combined with tons of optimizations, your employees can get a whole lot done by working on both operating systems simultaneously. As a business owner or IT administrator, you aren’t left with an additional workload either – sophisticated technologies allow for rapid deployment and management in record time.

Buying Parallels for Your Business

During your time with Parallels, the purchasing stage is actually the hardest, but not by much – it’s just a little confusing. While you can buy Parallels Desktop Business Edition subscriptions for your business depending on the amount of Macs that you’ve got, it isn’t too practical from a monetary point of view for a particularly large organization. If that’s the case, your best bet’s to request for a quote directly via Parallels customer support. The best thing about Parallels Desktop Business Edition is the Unified Volume License Key that you receive no matter the number of subscriptions you purchase, which is quite useful when it comes to deploying VMs throughout your organization from a management perspective.

Purchasing Parallels Desktop Business Edition requires you to open a user account with Parallels, where you’ll find information regarding your corporate subscriptions and status. After making your purchase, it’s time to install Parallels Desktop Business Edition on your administrative workstation, where you can then add your Unified Volume License Key to activate Parallels throughout your organization. Depending on the number of subscriptions that you’ve purchased as determined by the Unified Volume License Key, you can conveniently deploy virtual machines without manually activating them, and in the event that you add in more subscriptions, the license counter gets adjusted automatically.

Deploying Windows Virtual Machines

As mentioned above, the Unified Volume License Key that you receive makes it extremely easy to get Parallels Desktop Business Edition deployed throughout your organization. The centralized Parallels administration and management console lets you remotely perform everything from deploying VMs to managing vital account information. Whether it’s checking a remote VM’s usage statistics, enforcing corporate policies, or deactivating licenses, your administrative credentials should provide total control over all connected desktops. Parallels Desktop Business Edition also brings various advanced security controls that prevent end-users from modifying VM settings – also choose to set expirations on select VMs for an even greater degree of control.

Productivity Enhancements

Once you’ve successfully deployed Parallels Desktop Business Edition throughout your organization, your employees can start using the virtual machines immediately. Unlike Apple’s native Boot Camp Assistant, Parallels VMs don’t require any system restarts and runs concurrently to the OS X. Your employees can either run the VMs in windowed-mode, or they can be maximized to work in full-screen – when choosing the latter, it feels just like working on an actual Windows desktop, and combined with the Presentation Mode present, no one would recognize that it’s in fact a virtual machine. Switching between operating systems while in full-screen mode requires just a simple keystroke, or in the case of a MacBook, a swipe across the touchpad.

Employees can also request additional VMs with different versions of Windows. For example, you can choose to deploy Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 VMs on any Mac, where end-users can open and use each VM simultaneously, thereby improving productivity tremendously – all of that happens at peak efficiency, thanks to the plethora of improvements that Parallels Desktop Business Edition deploys under-the-hood. If you are worried about the potential security loopholes associated with multiple VMs, you can easily block those with the use of effective control policies.

Simply using the VMs alongside the OS X is one thing, but the amount of integrative features present are another. Rather than moving between operating systems, employees directly work on the applications of the VM directly from via the OS X, which is quite remarkable. Alternately, OS X-based applications can also be configured to work on any VMs. If you have employees who are unfamiliar with one of the two operating systems, they can opt to work on all applications in one place without wasting time trying to adapt to both operating systems. In terms of control, Parallels Desktop Business Edition has also rolled out a completely new feature dubbed “Single-Application Mode” that restricts end users only to select applications without providing direct access to the VM.

Ensuring Organizational Security

As a systems administrator, it’s quite tough to ensure security compliance at endpoint workstations, and introducing VMs into picture doesn’t help things out either. Fortunately, Parallels Desktop Business Edition provides various ways to enforce standard corporate compliance for each deployed VM. For example, you can use Windows Active Directory to deploy corporate policies across the organization, with no issues in regards to the virtual status of the endpoint workstations – enforced policies can range anything from accessible programs to supported external devices. As mentioned above, you can also configure VMs to expire or lock down after a set period, ideal when you want to provide VM access to employees for a limited time period only.

Under-the-Hood Performance Improvements

Parallels Desktop Business Edition features tons of optimizations to ensure that your employees don’t waste time struggling with performance issues. As an administrator, you can use your Parallels console to remotely tweak the performance of each and every VM depending upon the tasks of each end user – choose from tasks such as Productivity, Software Development, Software Testing, and Design to automatically configure each remote VM for optimal performance. For example, configuring a VM for productivity ensures that an employee receives top-notch performance when working with text editors, spreadsheets, accounting software, etc., while applying software development optimizations allows for unprecedented performance when working with databases and emulators.

Taking performance a notch higher, Parallels Desktop Business Edition also features proprietary technology required to emulate processing power and system memory virtually. Each VM that you deploy receives up to 128 GB of virtual system memory (vRAM) and 8 virtual CPUs (vCPUs). Expect tremendous performance enhancements when running major software programs – end-users working on resource-intensive software development and testing tools should find that extra boost in performance to be of tremendous use. Even better, you can also remotely specify the amount of actual physical resources used by VMs running on endpoint workstations for even greater control on available performance.

Business Cloud Services

While introducing Parallels Desktop Business Edition to your organization is a great way to boost productivity, transferring, sharing, or collaborating on files might pose issues when dealing with multiple VMs. To circumvent such issues, employee can now use their favorite cloud-based service, be it Box, Dropbox, or OneDrive, to access files on whatever VM or host OS that they choose to. The business cloud service comes integrated with your Parallels Desktop Business Edition subscription, so you don’t have to pay an additional fee to get that functionality. You can also use your administrative privileges to directly control how much access each workstation has to the various files and folders present.

One-Touch Tools

To increase employee productivity even further, your Parallels Desktop Business Edition subscription also comes packaged with the Parallels Toolbox. With a collection of over 30+ one-touch tools, your employees can now perform a range of common tasks with practical ease. Whether it’s cleaning a drive for duplicate files, screen recording in real time, or archiving files and folders, it just takes a second to perform that. What’s more, the Parallels Toolbox isn’t just limited to the OS X – also choose to access it within your Windows VMs as well, where you get access to a completely separate set of tools for unprecedented productivity.

Premier Customer Support

As an administrator, running dozens or VMs, or even hundreds, can pose various issues due to the sheer scale of deployment. While Parallels Desktop Business Edition is tailor made to prevent the most common issues from cropping up, you’re bound face issues at certain times. That doesn’t have to worry you too much, however, thanks to the premier customer support that receive as part of your Parallels Desktop Business Edition subscription. With dedicated around-the-clock phone and email support, you can resolve just about any issue that you may have in record time. As a corporate subscription holder, you can also negotiate additional terms in regards to the Parallels Desktop Business Edition premier customer support service.

Should I Buy It?

As a business owner or systems administrator, Parallels Desktop Business Edition is one of the best VM solutions that you’d ever come across in terms of productivity. With complete control over everything from VM deployment to allocated system resources, Parallels Desktop Business Edition shines as a prime example on how VM applications should function. Deep integrative productivity features, numerous under-the-hood performance enhancements, and premier customer support make Parallels Desktop Business Edition a VM solution that you absolutely cannot afford to miss out on. Rather than restricting your employees to just the OS X, open a world of possibilities with unprecedented VM support.