Parallels Desktop Pro Edition

Uniquely designed for cross-platform app development and testing

Support multiple operating systems in addition to Windows

Open and use multiple virtual machines at the same time without slowing things down

Custom Microsoft Visual Studio plug-in allows for rapid cross-platform application deployment and debugging

Performance enhancements and virtual resource generation technologies allow for blazing fast performance

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Why You Need Parallels Desktop Pro Edition

Macs are renowned for excelling at the hardware quality and system performance compartments, but that doesn’t mean much to you as a developer or power user when some of the best productivity tools are present on Windows. While the term Boot Camp should pop into your mind right about now, it isn’t the most ideal method to running Windows at peak performance and efficiency. You can, however, make use of Parallels to work on both the OS X and Windows on-the-fly. As a virtual machine dedicated to crossing the functional boundaries of both operating systems, Parallels features a proprietary edition designed solely for developers, testers, and power users – Parallels Desktop Pro Edition.

Parallels Desktop Pro Edition Subscription

Parallels uses a subscription-based system for their services, and you can get a copy of Parallels Desktop Pro Edition as part of an yearly subscription. In addition to the frequent security and performance updates that you get as part of your subscription, you also gain access to around-the-clock customer support as well as multiple remote virtual CPUs and system memory modules, and that’s more than enough bang for your buck.

Setting Up a Virtual Machine

Creating a virtual machine capable of running alongside the OS X is made effortless thanks to the Installation Assistant that walks you through every step of the entire process. Rather than limiting you to a single method of getting a virtual machine up and running, the Installation Assistant in fact provides you with up to four – installation via removable media, importing through Boot Camp, purchasing a fresh copy directly, or transferring an existing installation.

You aren’t limited to a single virtual machine either – feel free to create as many as you like, of course provided that you have sufficient disk space. In addition to Windows, Parallels Desktop Pro Edition also supports numerous other free operating systems – Debian Linux, Mageia, Chrome OS, etc. If you are a software developer, you should find this additional compatibility to be of incredible use when building cross-platform applications.

Working on the OS X and Windows

Parallels Desktop Pro Edition has elevated the entire concept of how a virtual machine should function. Simply put, it’s a blast to work with on both the OS X and Windows. Installed virtual machines work just like any other application on the OS X, where you can work in windowed or full-screen modes – when using a MacBook Pro, you can easily switch between both operating systems by swiping the Touch Bar, allowing for unprecedented versatility. If you don’t have any use for the virtual machine, simply close or minimize it – if you chose the earlier option, you can pick off where you left off the next time you run it.

Boundaries between both operating systems are also no longer present – choose to run your favorite Windows apps right from via the OS X, and vice versa. Whether it’s Cortana, Internet Explorer, or Safari, you shouldn’t run into any issues while working with them – simply configure them to run on your platform of choice, and they should appear either on the Start menu or Dock. Transferring files between operating systems is also as easy as dragging and dropping them on the virtual machine while in windowed mode.

Parallels Desktop Pro Edition also features various custom features designed solely for developers and power users. You can, for example, use a dedicated Microsoft Visual Studio plug-in that lets you test your applications across other operating systems – OS X, Linux, etc. Also choose to use Command Line Interface tools to directly control all virtual machines installed on your Mac and perform modifications to settings and configurations. Further, the inclusion of an enhanced network editor also gives you the option to test any connectivity issues while developing applications.

Performance Enhancements

Parallels Desktop Pro Edition features tons of performance enhancements right from the get go. Whenever you add a new virtual machine to your arsenal, you are prompted to select what type of task you plan to do with it – Productivity, Software Development, Software Testing, etc. Depending on the selected task, necessary optimizations are applied to boost the efficiency of the virtual machine. As a power user, you should find this feature to be of immense importance.

In addition to the locally applied performance enhancements, Parallels Desktop Pro Edition also features support for building multiple virtual CPUs and system memory modules. Thanks to this feature, you can run applications requiring high system resources with practically no issues. Each CPU can be allocated with up to 32 virtual CPUs and 128 GB of virtual memory, making it more than enough for even the most demanding of circumstances.

Battery Life on the MacBook

If you are on a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, you can be rest assured that Parallels Desktop Pro Edition isn’t your typical battery guzzler. Unlike Boot Camp, the optimized nature of Parallels virtual machines really reflect in the battery life of MacBook models – expect the normal charge cycle out of your MacBook. Even when running multiple virtual machines simultaneously, the vCPUs and vRAMs that Parallels deploy ensure that you can run resource-intensive applications with minimal performance issues.

Should I Buy It?

Parallels Desktop Pro Edition defines what a virtual machine should function like. Whether it’s running multiple operating systems simultaneously or testing applications for cross-platform functionality, you should find the plethora of features that this awesome VM software offers to be more than enough for all your development or testing requirements. Bring to the picture support for multiple vCPUs and vRAMs, and you shouldn’t have any issues running even the most resource-intensive of applications. Dedicated support for power users ensure that you have the necessary functionality capable to handle almost any situation.