Parallels Desktop for Mac

Enjoy the features of both the OS X and Windows simultaneously

Supports numerous operating system VMs in addition to Windows

Completely streamlined installation procedure allows you to install Windows in just a single click

Extends Apple's Retina support for Windows-based applications

Allows MacBook users to customize the Touch Bar for Windows apps

Connect native Windows devices such as smart cards, printers, and Bluetooth devices via your Mac

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Why You Need Parallels Desktop for Mac

OS X High Sierra and Windows 10 inarguably provides some of the best desktop-based features ever, and it’s quite hard to single out one from between these outstanding operating systems. Since Macs are renowned for their outstanding design, durability, and power consumption, that makes a MacBook, an iMac, or a Mac Pro the obvious choice from a hardware point-of-view. Furthermore, Macs also provide a feature known as “Boot Camp” that gives you the option to run Windows separately, albeit with poor performance. With Parallels Desktop for Mac, however, you can work with Windows just like any other application you’ve got installed on your Mac.

How It Works

When using Boot Camp, you have to jump through various hoops to get Windows to run on your Mac. Whether it’s zero integration with OS X, frequent system restarts, sluggish performance issues, or poor battery life, the hassle that you’ve got to face is simply not worth it. Parallels Desktop for Mac, however, works completely different. By running in a virtual environment right alongside the OS X, you have access to both operating systems instantly.

What’s more, Parallels Desktop for Mac also excels at feature integration, thereby allowing you to access Windows-based apps directly from via the OS X itself. Performance issues are also almost non-existent, and if you’re on a MacBook, you don’t have to worry about rapid battery drain issues either – unlike Boot Camp. Further, Parallels Desktop for Mac also simulates its high-quality Retina Display support for all Windows applications, and it doesn’t feel strange switching between operating systems.

Setting It Up

When your hear the word “Virtual Machine,” you instantly start associating it with various technicalities. With Parallels Desktop for Mac, however, you don’t have to go through an arduous process just to set Windows up. In fact, the entire process is so streamlined that it’s actually fun to go through the set-up phase. Available methods include transferring Windows from another PC, installing it via a disc or image file, purchasing a copy from Microsoft, or using an existing Boot Camp installation.

The Parallels Installation Assistant walks you through each step regardless of what method you select to set Windows up. For example, if you choose to purchase Windows, you can do so directly from the Installation Assistant screen itself – the disc image downloads automatically as soon as you finish your purchase. On the other hand, if you have Windows installed on a PC already, transferring it to Parallels Desktop for Mac shouldn’t pose an issue either.

Seamless Integration

Parallels Desktop for Mac is designed in a unique way that crosses functional boundaries between the OS X and Windows. For one, your Windows virtual machine doesn’t require rebooting in any form, thereby giving you the option to work with both operating systems simultaneously – choose to run Windows 10 in full-screen mode, and switch between operating systems by just swiping the touchpad or the Touch Bar on your MacBook.

What’s more, you can use Windows just like any other windowed application that you’ve got running on your Mac. You can also choose to transfer files between Windows and the OS X by simply dragging and dropping content. If you’ve worked with alternate virtual machines, you would have noticed how tough such a simple process really is – with Parallels Desktop for Mac, that’s one of the easiest tasks that you get to perform, and also one of the most useful.

Things get even better; Parallels Desktop for Mac also allows you to open your favorite Windows apps directly from the dock itself, and you only have to keep the Windows virtual machine running in the background to do that. Further, the Presentation Mode available lets you share your screen onto another device, where options such as Hide Desktop Files, Do Not Disturb, and Start in Full Screen make it look like you’re using a dedicated Windows machine for your presentation.

Fast Performance

Parallels Desktop for Mac features numerous performance enhancements that make it a blast to run Windows on your Mac. Unlike Boot Camp, you don’t have to worry about sluggish performance and poor battery life. In fact, each time you set up a new Windows virtual machine, you are asked to configure the operating system for a specific task – Productivity, Software Development, Design, etc. – so that the OS X can run the virtual machine at peak efficiency depending on the task required.

Additional Operating Systems

If you thought that Parallels Desktop for Mac was restricted to only Windows, then you’d be surprised at the number of other operating systems that it supports. If you’re fan of Ubuntu Linux, Fedora Linux, or any other free operating system, you can download and install it directly from via the Parallels Desktop for Mac Installation Assistant itself. Thanks to this compatibility with multiple operating systems, you don’t need to spend money on acquiring a Windows license unless you really want to.

System Requirements

Parallels Desktop for Mac doesn’t ask for too much system resources to run Windows alongside the OS X. An Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4 GB of system memory, 1 GB of disk space, and an active Internet connection is all that you require to run Parallels Desktop for Mac. Obviously, the higher the system requirements, the better the performance that you’re going to get. If you’re on a Mac with an SSD, things should be even faster.

Should I Buy It?

With Parallels Desktop for Mac, there’s no reason why you should limit yourself to just the OS X. With blazing fast performance and seamless integration between operating systems, you can now benefit from the amazing features that both the OS X and Windows bring to the table at literally the swipe of your fingers. Unlike Boot Camp, the benefits that Parallels Desktop for Mac provides you with are nearly limitless, and it’s a purchase that you absolutely cannot miss out on.