Parallels Desktop Business Edition

Rapidly deploying multiple virtual machines throughout your organization

Administration and management console allows for control of all aspects of deployed virtual machines

Designed for maximum productivity; numerous integrative features allows for increased employee performance

Business cloud services provide seamless file transfer capabilities and works with all major cloud-service providers

Numerous optimizations combined with virtualized system memory and processing power allow for blazing fast performance

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Why You Need Parallels Desktop Business Edition

When it comes to purchasing workstations for your organization, iMacs, MacBooks, and Mac Pros are considered the smartest decision from both a hardware and software point of view. The OS X is easy to work with, requires less maintenance, and the hardware works fabulously and last the longest. OS X’s rival Windows, however, owns close to 90% of the overall market share, and power users within your organization are bound to miss out on numerous advanced capabilities that the latter brings to the table. Since you can’t expect your employees to use Boot Camp, you need a dedicated virtual machine capable of running Windows seamlessly while also giving you complete control over its deployment. Parallels Desktop Business Edition is just the tool that you need to enhance the performance of your organization.

Compliance and Security

Obviously, managing virtual machines isn’t the easiest in an organization environment – security and control is vital. Fortunately, Parallels Desktop Business Edition is built from the ground up just for corporate environments. IT administrators can enjoy complete control over the most minute aspects of each and every virtual machine deployed within a local network – thanks to Active Directory support, you have the ability to manage virtual machines just as if they are actual physical devices.

For example, you can choose to add a layer of security between the host operating system and virtual machine via encryption, thereby effectively protecting it from unauthorized access. In addition, you can also choose to enforce default or custom policies designed at restricting access to external devices – choose to manage everything from smart cards, flash drives, removable drives, etc. Further, Parallels Desktop Business Edition also gives you the option to create expiring virtual machines, which makes it an ideal solution when you want to grant an employee access for just a limited amount of time.

Management and Control

As a subscription-based service, Parallels Desktop Business Edition can be purchased depending on the number of workstations that you want to run virtual machines on. If you have a particularly large organization, you can contact the Parallels sales team and get a custom quote instead. Subscriptions last an year, and a centralized management console lets you easily manage deployed licenses with updates on usage statistics and expirations.

Deploying Parallels Desktop Business Edition across your organization is made extremely easy thanks to integrated support with solutions such as Apple Remote Desktop, IBM Endpoint Manager, and Jamf Pro. Expect a dedicated package-builder application and access to detailed deployment guides on getting your virtual machines deployed across your organization in the shortest amount of time. All virtual machines can be remotely managed and controlled with policies enforced via the Parallels management console.

Taking control to the extreme, Parallels Desktop Business Edition recently released their latest feature – Single Application Mode. Thanks to this incredibly useful feature, you can now configure single Windows-based applications to seemingly run directly via the OS X, without any indications of a virtual machine running concurrent to the OS X. If you want to limit your employees to just application usage, Single Application Mode is the best way to do it.

Designed for Productivity

Parallels Desktop Standard Edition simply is a virtual machine like none other. Your employees now have the option to work on both the OS X and Windows simultaneously, where they can either run Windows in windowed-mode just like any other application, or work on the virtual machine in full-screen mode – when using the latter, swapping between operating systems takes just the click of a button. In short, your employees can perform any task just like they would do in an actual Windows desktop.

Transferring files between the host and virtual machine is also made effortless thanks to the implementation of a drag n’ drop feature. In addition, printing documents via Windows doesn’t involve adding any new printer drivers or whatever, with the native macOS printer kicking up automatically when accessing the Print function in an application. Further, Parallels Desktop Business Edition also features the functionality to automatically recognize external devices that only dedicated Windows desktops would otherwise detect.

While swapping between both operating system is practically effortless, employees can further reduce time wasted by configuring applications to directly start in the host machine or vice versa. For example, an employee can work on multiple Windows-based applications by accessing them directly via the Dock, without ever opening the Windows virtual machine – alternately, OS X applications can be opened via the Start menu. Thanks to this feature, anyone who’s are unaccustomed with a particular operating system doesn’t have to waste time adapting to the other OS.

Performance and Efficiency

With a Parallels Desktop Business Edition subscription, each virtual machine that you set up receives up to 128 GB of vRAM and 32 vCPUs – expect to run resource-intensive applications with no impact on overall system performance whatsoever. Employees with MacBooks should find no abnormal battery drain issues either, thanks to the efficient power management features that power each virtual machine.

Optimized for Windows 10 and OS X High Sierra, your organization can now enjoy the features of two of the best operating systems in business. Whether it’s Visual Studio, Autodesk Revit, or CorelDRAW, expect seamless performance on both the host and the virtual machine and less time wasted due to sluggish performance.

Should I Buy It?

With unprecedented support for Windows virtual machines, Parallels Desktop Business Edition gives a crucial advantage of not limiting your employees to just the OS X. Backed by a state-of-the-art framework that allows for complete control over installed virtual machines, and with dozens upon dozens of convenient features to boost performance, expect your employees to gain a huge leap in terms of productivity. With security, speed, and functionality packed into one neat package, you won’t have access to these features elsewhere.