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Create Multiple Virtual Machines

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Seamless Integration with the OS X

Blazing Fast Performance

Efficient Power Consumption

Native MacBook Pro Touch Bar Support

Access Numerous One-Click Productivity Tools

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Blazing Fast Performance

Unlike Boot Camp, Parallels Desktop is designed with efficiency in mind. Expect blazing fast performance even with the most resource-intensive applications today.

Seamless Integration

Virtual machines are fully integrated with the OS X. Expect to go so far as to access and work on the apps of both operating systems via the OS X or Windows.

Multi-Device Compatibility

Devices that didn't work on the OS X aren't going to the stay the same. Expect your USB, Thunderbolt, and FireWire devices to fully function through your Windows virtual machine.

Numerous Development Tools

When you buy Parallels Desktop Pro Edition, expect to gain access to multiple tools for unparalleled cross-platform application development capabilities. Ideal for developers, testers, and power users.

Business Cloud Services

Pro and Business Edition users gain access to unprecedented cloud-based services that facilitate security and collaboration. Back up your files and easily work with others.

Administration and Management

With Parallels Desktop Business Edition, you have complete control of even the minute aspects when it comes to controlling the virtual machines of each employee.

Haven't made up your mind on what Parallels Desktop version to go for?

Our in-depth reviews cover everything you need to know.

Haven't made up your mind on what Parallels Desktop version to go for?

Our in-depth reviews cover everything you need to know



Parallels Desktop provides one of the most important functionalities ever for all Mac users; the ability to work with Windows-based applications. Rather than dealing with the technicalities in Boot Camp, start using Parallels Desktop for blazing fast performance, seamless integration between operating systems, and multi-device compatibility. Professional and business users can also enjoy access to numerous development tools, business cloud services, and administration and management capabilities.



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